FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014

Unfortunately, due to a number of factors, Total Sports Travel has made the hard decision to not offer any travel arrangements or packages to the event.

Aside from the fact that FIFA announced that it will not be operating an Official Tour Operator (OTA) ticketing program and due to the high level of demand surrounding the event, we have also found airlines and accommodation suppliers are charging prices that we feel are far from value for money and would reflect poorly on our business if we were to put a product to market. Payment terms and conditions are also very strict and inflexible. 

Should you still plan to attend, our best recommendations for flights, accommodation and tickets are detailed below:



For flights to South America from Australia, be it not limited to, we recommend you visit the Official sites of the following airlines:


Emirates Airline

Qantas Airways

Lan Chile



We recommend the Official FIFA Accommodation Office for all your accommodation needs.

Most of their hotel rates are already available online with more rates progressively being published. All rates will be shown in single and double occupancy, are quoted in Brazilian Reals and include applicable taxes unless otherwise specified. If breakfast is included in the room rate you will see BB included in the room description. For international clients (non-Brazilian), rates will be converted into US dollars at point of sale.

Please note that FIFA Accommodation Office have advised they do not offer a “follow your team” accommodation programme. If you would like to secure accommodation before the final draw, the FIFA Accommodation Office are recommending you set up a base camp in one of the cities i.e. Sao Paulo and fly to different venues to watch the matches.



As mentioned previously, access to official tickets will only be available via FIFA and Football Federation Australia (FFA) ballots.

The FFA ballot will take place after the official draw in December and we understand the FFA will receive 8% of the ticket allocation in the respective stadium for each Australian pool game.

(Please visit – the official FFA website for further details)

The FIFA ballot opened on 20 August 2013 and will stay open until 10 October 2013. You can apply via this ballot at any time within these dates and all applications will enter a random ballot, your chances will not be affected by the date you register. A further allocation will be available between 5 and 28 November on a first come first served basis.

(Please visit – the official FIFA website for further details)

Official corporate hospitality tickets are available via

We do apologise we cannot help on this occasion and wish you all the best in your endeavour to attend the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

The Total Sports Travel Team

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